Saving the amazon

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Saving the Amazon is an initiative that grew out of a group of people who are concerned about the Amazon ecosystem and the communities that inhabit this wonderful paradise. They combine technological elements with human factor that is built for a better future.

This project aims to unite the world community in a global campaign to save the Amazon trapeze, by planting trees in indigenous reservations with the name of each person who buys the tree or on behalf of friends or family who want to give away and compensate for ecological barbarism left by the systematic cutting of this ECOLOGIC ALTAR.

Why Amazon?

The Amazon rainforests has 25% of the worlds freshwater, produces 25% oxygen, 31% is forest and is one of the sites highest biodiversity on the planet and live indigenous communities that are endangered. nn
We must help this wonderful paradise does not lose its essence and ecosystem of the hemisphere is not affected.

How do I achieve this?

With our application you can help reduce the carbon footprint. Through the carbon footprint meter you can know the carbon footprint of each leave and ways to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint. In the application the number of trees to be planted to offset the carbon footprint that is being generated is.